What's the deal with BCAAs

Dorothy Sinding
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BCCAS are comprised of Isoleucine, leucine and valine. Although readily available in a wide variety of foods the highest concentration is found in protein rich animal foods. Seeds, nuts, brown rice, legumes and fortified cereals are plant based alternatives. More often than not training goals dictate an athletes’s menu! Nuts and seeds are both high in fat and calories. Complex carbohydrates are full of fabulous fibre but may cause GI distress.

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The Powerful Benefits of Massage for Runners

Dorothy Sinding
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The repetitive nature of running causes sustained relaxing and contracting of muscles for extended periods of time.  These repeated muscle contractions are what allow us to run faster, further and stronger, depending on the force generated.  

Over time, however, these repetitive muscle contractions can lead to:
- tight, shortened muscles
- a loss in joint range of motion
- decrease in blood circulation to compressed muscle tissue

Which is exactly where massage therapy can work its magic.

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