Elite Training Facility Client Chris Mintz Strengthens To Keep Injury Free

Chris Mintz, 42, had never set foot in a gym before he came to Elite Training Facility.

This avid rec league sports player, runner and snowboarder was struggling with his running because he continued to get injuries from his sports. A torn Achilles tendon from dodgeball, an ankle sprain from a softball base slide, a torn rotator cuff from obstacle course racing and an adductor injury from snowboarding were all preventing him from improving as a runner. "In the three years leading up to me coming to Elite, I think I had one good summer of running. My injuries were really setting me back to zero."

Mintz initially came to some personal training with his wife, Adrienne Farrell and was blown away when trainer and CEO Clint Sinding asked him what he wanted to improve at. It didn't take long for Mintz to start making seasonal requests from being able to hit further in ball during the summer to being able to stick landings on his snowboard in the winter. Being mindful that Mintz and wife Farrell were both runners that suffered many ankle injuries he designed programs that strengthened legs, feet, and core. Mintz quickly started seeing results and turned their weekly personal training session into a sort of date night using different weight to ensure both athletes were challenged. 

"My on-base percentage in ball skyrocketed and I even started hitting it out of the park. In the winter I was sticking landings on the snowboard and I had my best Spartan obstacle race ever with the least failed obstacles." Mintz started joining us for our early morning Better Body Exchange circuit as a way to add additional training in each week. He also brought his softball team, the Sisters of Mercy and his running group, The Running Rarebits in for strength training designed by Clint specifically for softball and run strength. "Additional time together was great for the Sisters and I saw results back on the field. We went from a couple wins a season to being a team that people took seriously."

Mintz advocates to other runners about how strength training helps avoid injury insisting on a "run strong" approach to running. "In particular on trails, where roots and rocks can throw your step off, that extra core strength makes a huge difference!" - It has been three years since Mintz started working with Elite Training Facility and he's been injury free since the day he stepped through our door. Earlier this year Mintz won 1st place masters men at a winter 80k race and later won 1st place mixed masters relay team with his running partner at Around the Bay in Hamilton.

Mintz is featured as the month of August in the Running Rarebits 2018 charity calendar. Elite Training Facility proudly supported this project that raised over $1,000 in support of Thyroid Cancer Canada.  

No matter what your athletic or weight loss goal, come achieve it with specialist trainer and CEO Clint Sinding and his staff. Be strong and injury free at whatever athletics you love doing the most.

Mintz taking part in a Better Body Exchange class
Taking part in a Better Body Exchange class.
Mintz on course at Yankee Springs Winter Challenge 50 mile race. Winner Overall Masters.
On course at winter 50 mile race.
Mintz and run partner at Around The Bay. Winners mixed masters relay.
Mintz and run partner at Around The Bay.
The Running Rarebits doing a special runner's strength clinic.
Running Rarebits taking part in special run specific strength training session.
Softball team The Sisters Of Mercy taking part in ball specific strength training.
Ball team, Sisters Of Mercy taking part in strength training and team building.



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